The Zoo Collection Deer Thermal Flask

The Zoo Collection Deer Thermal Flask


Thermal flask

Stainless steel, double wall

Powder coated, matt finish

D 6.7 x H 19.2 cm, 250ml

Design Maureen van der Hout

GB Warning

  • *  Thermal flask is suitable for cold and warm liquid.

  • *  Thermal flask is not suitable for hot / boiling liquid.

  • *  Do not fill the thermal flask to the edge but leave a few

    centimeters of space.

  • *  When filling warm liquid leave the bottle open for a few

    minutes.Thistopreventleaking. Thentightenthecapfirmly.

  • *  Transport the thermal flask vertically to avoid possible leaking.

  • *  Keep a warm-filled thermal flask away from children.

  • *  Never drink warm liquid directly from a thermal flask, but

    use a cup. 

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