Little People Big Dreams Books

Little People Big Dreams Books


Super happy to have these inspirational books as part of our collection.

The Little People Big Dreams books are a collection of books about outstanding women, who all began life as a child with a dream. These books are great gifts for Boys & Girls!

Choose from:

Frida Kahlo

When Frida Kahlo was a teenager a terrible road accident changed her life forever. Unable to walk she began painting from her bed. Her self-portraits, which show her pain and grief but also her passion for life and instinct for survival, have made her one of the most famous artists of the 20th Century.

Emeline Pankhurst

As a child Emeline Pankhurst was inspired by books about heroes that thought for others. She dedicated her life to fighting for women voting rights and, with hard work and great bravery, led a remarkable movement that changed the world.


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