Handed By Baskets/Planters

Handed By Baskets/Planters

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These gorgeous baskets can be used as planters or storage for toys, or other random its we all having lying around the house.

Handmade of materials that leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, such as recycled plastic and bamboo. The products are of superior quality. 

Handed By have a great corporate and social responsibility towards their craftspeople and they guarantee that each product is ethically produced: no child labour – on the contrary, they are involved in the education of their workers’ children. No mass production in factories, but small-scale projects with long-term personal partnerships. In addition, they try to use as many recycled and sustainable materials as possible in our collections.

Handed By design is recognisable by the unique trademark stamp in the form of a handprint. Everything we put our hands to is manufactured ethically and is guaranteed 100% free of child labour.

Up mid sizing

Height 24 Cm.
Width: 34 Cm. 
Depth: 34 Cm.
Total height 39cm

Up high sizing

Height 20 Cm.
Width: 26 Cm. 
Depth: 26 Cm.

Total height 60cm

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