Herbie's Birth Story


I have been trying to write my first blog post the last few days but struggling to decide which topic to go ahead. Then this morning a friend posted this

Mothers, tell your tales. Narrate your Birth Stories. 
The home births
The hospital births
The traumatic births
The healing births
The vaginal births
The cesarean births
The VBAC's
The Surrogate births
The still births
The late births
The long births
The short births
The dawntime births
The sunset births
The midnight births
The first births
The fifth births
The family births
The freebirths.

Tell them all. I'm here.

Sian Marie Pilkington www.seedholisticbirth.com

 And then it seemed appropriate to write about my first birth experience seeing as it is my children that led me to opening the shop and starting this website, so I began the story of Herbie's birth.

On 28 August 2012 I went to bed with my hospital bag packed ready for my induction in the morning. I was two weeks passed my estimated 15th of August due date and going to bed that night I was nervous, there wasn’t many people I knew that had much positivity towards the induction process.  I woke up at 1am to a strange feeling in my tummy and wondered if it could be contractions, not knowing as I had never had one before but feeling the familiar dull ache of period pain. I excitedly got up to got to the toilet and was met with the unmistakeable site of my mucus plug! I was in labour, no induction after all! I decided not to wake Jy just yet as I knew it could be a long time before full labour began, so I put I the dishwasher on and began pottering around the house waiting for the contractions to grow stronger.

At around 3 AM I woke Jy and told him I was in labour, my contractions had been getting stronger and decided to call the hospital to let them know and ask when I should head in. Was told to wait until the contractions were 5 minutes apart, which mine weren't at this time. By 5.30 am they still weren't an even 5 minutes apart, but they had intensified and so I rang the hospital again as I felt like it was time to go, they agreed with me and we headed off to our local labour unit.

When I got there I was put in a birthing suite and waited for the Midwife to examine. She confirmed that I was 4-5 cms dilated, which made me happy, as I naively felt like it shouldn't be too much longer.

Shortly after the contractions intensified more and I began making some very strange noises, the pain had moved from the front around my lower back. My first midwife had clocked off so a different one came to examine me and told me I was back to back which meant the baby had turned and their back was against my back. I was also having  almost constant contractions which give me no breathing space to rest.

My birth plan has stated I wanted as natural a  birth as possible, without an epidural.  However I soon began to question how long I could cope for. I was given some gas and air, but I couldn't really get into a rhythm with it and it didn’t seem to be having much effect. Eventually I was allocated my own midwife who would hopefully stay with me at through the rest of my labour and I quickly told her through tears, that I needed an epidural.  I felt like I had let myself down, but i just couldn't cope with it for much longer. I had to move to another room where they would be able to give me my epidural.  What followed was a string of small disasters. A few attempts and a couple of hours later the epidural was finally working and I had some relief, although I was very tired with little energy. I had been awake since 1 AM without eating anything.

 At around 5 PM I was told I was fully dilated and I would soon be able to begin pushing. This proved to be a bit more difficult than I imagined, as I couldn't feel my contraction to guide me and I was exhausted. After an hour of trying to no avail a Dr came into examine me. I was told that I was going to be taken into theatre, where they would try and help me get the baby out with a ventouse and if that didn't work, forceps and if they both failed it would have to be a c-section. I didn't want a c-section and hoped I could get the baby before it came to this. I signed a disclaimer not really knowing what was happening but wanting to get my baby out the safest  way possible I agreed to what I was told. Jy put on his gown I was put into bed to begin the process.

They monitored my contractions and told me when to push, as the Dr's  pulled the baby with the ventouse. This didn't work, so next up next up were the forceps.  After nearly  pulling me off the bed the doctors also managed to pull my baby out! It was a boy,I was relived for it to be over and hear his cry. At 7:10 PM on 29 August 2012 Herbie was born. They laid him on my chest for a few moments, before they took him away so they could begin stitching me up. At around 9 PM I was wheeled into the corridor and reunited with my small bundle in a yellow hat. I held him and was told to try breastfeeding while we waited to be taken down to the ward where I would be staying with the other new mums. With a drip in my hand, a catheter and lots of stitches it was difficult to hold my baby. I thought this would be ok as Jy would be there to help me , but we were soon told that Jy had to leave as men weren't allowed to stay on the ward! I felt scared and upset, but there wasn't anything we could do, so Jy left me with Herbie and shortly after we both fell asleep.

I was woken in the middle of the night by one of the nurses to ask for some new clothes for Herbie as he had been sick on himself, I was in such a deep sleep that I hadn't even noticed. She kindly said that she would look after him for the night as she could see that I needed the rest. I felt guilty for not waking to his cry or looking after him during his first night, as most new mums say they spend the first night after birth not being able to sleep through worry and excitement, but I was dead to the world, typical me.

 I was woken again at 7.00 am to start looking after my baby, and although still in pain and uncomfortable I felt like a new person for having a good nights sleep. Later that afternoon after lots of checks and armed with a large amount of painkillers I waddled my way out of the hospital with my new baby to start my life as a mum.

  • I was alway scared about birth before it happened, don't be scared, be informed.
  • My labour and birth had not been how I had imagined or planned for them to be, but you realise soon after that they're is only so much planning you can do for a birth.
  • However my next birth story is very different to this one.
  • There's a lot of things that happened during the labour the made me angry afterwards, but also pushed me to try and have a different experience the next time.